Download this handful of tracks, and tell you me you still don't have a soft spot for drum 'n' bass! If you're in any way sceptical about this genre, you NEED these tracks... We have been given the rare gift of premium quality uplifting D'n'B;
Apologies for the not-so-imaginative graphic... I call this the 'mind blank'.
Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real But Love (Logistics Remix)

Ok - so apparently the original track was a UK X-factor single? So it'll come as no surprise to you that I've not heard the original. I don't need to hear it to know that I don't want to hear it - all I know is you need to hear this. 
Logistics is a Cambridge (UK) based producer where he runs his club night with older brother Nu:Tone; both of whom are signed to the massive 'Hospital Records'...
File Size: 9320 kb
File Type: mp3
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Camo & Krooked ft. Ayah Marah - Cross the Line (Metrik Remix)

When I see the names 'Camo & Krooked' I go mental, I can't download the track fast enough and I trust this tune explains why. It opens as if it were 'end credits' by Chase & Status before revealing itself as an absolute main room anthem!
File Size: 11613 kb
File Type: mp3
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Major Lazer - Hold the Line (Cyantific & Wilkinson Remix)

So Diplo and Switch getting together to form Major Lazer was a dream come true for most of us, not to mention every track on the album 'guns don't kill people... lazers do' - and this remix is icing on the cake. With half of the remix duo getting signed to 'Hospital' following a tip-off from High Contrast and the other half signed to Andy C's 'Ram Records' you know there's going to quality in abundance here - you won't be disappointed.  
File Size: 11082 kb
File Type: mp3
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Sigma - Do You Love?

Sigma aka Joe Lenzie and Cameron Edwards from South East LDN could've pipped it with this track - it's my favourite of the bunch, see what you think...
File Size: 6487 kb
File Type: mp3
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Tantrum Desire - Reach

This was a big pick up by the boys at the blog, fair play. Yet another London outfit getting plays from all the big names; Bailey, Grooverider etc. If you like this track hunt down a copy of their EP 'foreplay' released back in July 2011. Enjoy. Tree Boy xoxoxo
File Size: 12992 kb
File Type: mp3
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Yesterday morning we woke up to a new single and free download at, very exciting times for the millions of Lostprophets fans across the world, me included.

But a free download? Seems to me a bit strange, do they not need the money? Are they trying to build the hype for their upciming new album quickly? Or are they just being generous?

For me its probably a bit of each.

'Better off Dead' mixes the old and the new Lostprophets in terms of sound. The opening riff is very much in the style of 'The Betrayed' and the direction that album followed, this is best displayed in the epic chorus, which has the feel of 'It's not the end of the world' (the first single from The Betrayed).

The verses have a different feel, they have a very political tone, and resemble some of their very early work that was heavily influenced by rap metal which was so popular across the world, coming from bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn and Papa Roach.

I think the mixture works really well, and I have high hopes for the new al

But you can be the judge of the single, as I have said it is free to download at

The new album, 'Weapons' is set for release on 12th of April.

The band are currently preparing for a Feb/March tour of Australia. You would assume that they will be all over the Festivals this summer, and they may even headline something like a Sunday at Reading. Surely they are big enough to do so, in my opinion they are more than qualified. 


The Streets' Mike Skinner will be releasing his memoir, entitled The Story Of The Streets, on March 29.

The 352 page book will be published by Bantam Press and sees him collaborating with writer Ben Thompson, who has also worked on autobiographical books with Russell Brand, comedian Vic Reeves and actor Phil Daniels, reports The Guardian.

The book will feature previously unseen photos from Skinner's youth. Writing on Twitter he said: "I wasnt going to have photos in my book coz i thought it was a bit silly but the wife said i had to… mum gave me a stack of photo album[s]. got a bit emotional. where i'm starting school and that".

He then linked to a family photo of him as a boy and wrote below it: "my first day at school. and strong emotions for me because my little girl starts nursery this week. circle of life shit. lion king and that".

(via NME)

We truly love Mike Skinner at ikas, and this would be something we will definitely be getting our hands on.
Kele Okereke has confirmed that Bloc Party will release a new album later this year.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Radio 1 today (January 3), the frontman said that a follow up to their third album, 2008's 'Intimacy', will be out at some point in 2012. The band have been working on their fourth album in New York.

Last year Kele courted controversy by claiming that while he was busy with his solo career, the remaining members of Bloc Party would be auditioning new singers to allow them to continue playing together. Bloc Party soon backtracked on the admission, which had been made to NME.

Zane Lowe went on to contact the band's management, who denied the developments. Lowe then took to Twitter to claim: "Bloc Party thing is nonsense. Management confirm it. Solid... solid as a rrrrock."

As management officially denied there was anything going on, the band distanced themselves from the claims. It was then suggested that the four members had been in cahoots to whip up publicity for the band and 'get one over' on the media.

(via NME)

This is very exciting news for all fans of Bloc Party, so perhaps a tour is on the horizon.

I wouldn't bet against a few big festival dates this summer!


I heard this on radio 1 this morning, waking up to Zane Lowe is epic.

Anyways take a listen and let us know what you think, we love it!

Lower Than Atlantis - If The World Was To End;

The Sun Explodes are a 5-piece heavy rock band from Carlisle, Cumbria. Their genre-defying mix of crushing riffs, sweeping melody and pulsating electronica separates them from the crowd as a truly original up and coming force on the UK rock scene.

Their first year as a band saw them travel the length of Britain in an effort to spread their word; their second saw the release of debut album ‘Emergence’ as the band honed their sound. A strong online presence has aided their steadily growing fan base, but it is their epic, frenetic gigs which have garnered most support, an aggressive and energetic live show performed with a level of technical quality matched by few new bands.

The proliferation of identikit, interchangeable groups in today’s rock scene make the band’s music a breath of fresh air; with a second album being planned and the desire and drive to keep improving and get their music heard far and wide, The Sun Explodes are poised to make the jump from new kids on the block to your new favourite band.

‘Emergence’ is available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and through the band’s own webstore. Their debut video for the album track ‘Honour Bound’ can be viewed below;

If you want to find out more about the band, then they can be found on all good social network sites.

The Sun Explodes are hotly tipped for big things in 2012, so your New Years resolution should be to check them out!